Feline Products

Barn Cat® Cat Food

Barn cat has 30% protein and 8% fat and is nutritionally balanced for cats of all ages.

Fortified with chicken, pork, and fish proteins. 

Comes in a 32 lb bag.

Kent® Kit and Cat® Cat Food

No need to separate your cats and kittens at feeding time, this food is nutritionally complete and balanced for all ages.

Available in 20 and 40 lb bags.

Purina® Pro Plan® Indoor Care Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Indoor Cat Food Available at J & C Feed Farm & Supply in Scottsburg, Indiana

This formula is specially designed to prevent hairballs and gassiness.

Rich in omega fatty acids for healthy, shiny coats.

World's Best Cat Litter® Multiple Cat Formula®

This litter is made from corn and no added chemicals, so it’s eco-friendly. 

Great odor control.

Clumps quickly for easy scooping. 


99% dust free.