Swine Products

Durvet® Duramycin 72-200

Effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria for swine, as well as beef cattle, dairy cattle, and calves (including pre-ruminating veal calves).

Not to be sold or distributed in California. 

Durvet® Maxi-B 1000

Contains 1000 mcg of B12, 1.25 mg of B1, 5 mg of B6, and 2 mg of B2.

Apply to the naval of newborn animals, to sores, minor cuts, bruises, and abrasions. 

Use to sterilize areas prior to surgical procedures, such as castration and docking. 

Can also be used to treat ringworm and foot rot. 

Vetericyn® Antimicrobial Pink Eye Spray

Wipe away excess matter around eyes, and spray each eye 3x’s directly, twice a day until condition clears. 

No need to rinse. 

Durvet® Iron-100 Dextran

Iron-100 (Iron Hydrogenated Dextran Injection) is a sterile, injectable solution for the prevention and treatment of anemia due to iron deficiency in baby pigs.

Not to be sold or distributed in California. 

ProZap® Insectrin Dust

This general purpose livestock and poultry dust controls lice and flies on horses, swine and cattle.

The PROZAP Insectrin Dust also controls fleas, ticks and lice on dogs and cats.

It can be applied directly to animals and their bedding.

Controls face flies, horn flies, northern fowl mites, lice, fleas & ticks

This is a moderate-energy, high-fiber food that can be used as a maintenance diet for active adult mini-pigs.

Feed in combination with Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth to support the nutrient needs of gestating or lactating females. 

Lowe's Pellets and Feed® Purple Vision

Start ‘Em Up-

  • For starting pigs 12-22 lbs.
  • A highly palatable feed designed to encourage feed consumption.
  • Uniquely formulated to optimize gut health, stool consistency and overall performance for pigs being weaned and ready to move to the chip barn.
  • Pigs fed Start ‘Em Up in the crate a few days prior to weaning will have the advantage of being started on the “right” foot.

Jack ‘Em Up-

  • For pigs 20-50 lbs.
  • Designed to improve feed intake and overall performance, while supporting muscle mass and growth.
  • Formulated to get your pig ready for sale day by maintaining the shape and bloom we all desire to see.
  • Pigs coming off of Start ‘Em Up will transition to Jack ‘Em Up very easily with both feeds containing the same high quality ingredients.

On Spot 18%- 

  • On Spot 18% is a meal feed with steamrolled oats, designed to maximize genetic potential and optimize muscle growth.

Pen ‘Em 16%-

  • Pen ‘Em is a 16% crude protein meal ration with oats, designed to be fed from 150 lbs to grand drive.
  • Pen ‘Em is an excellent feed for hogs that are tighter made pigs that need more rib shape and bloom.


Lowe's Pellets and Grains® for Swine Feed

Available In:

  • CSA U11 Pellet CTC/DEN
  • CSA U15 Pellet CTC/DEN
  • CSA UWean Creep
  • Forta Wean
  • Supra Start 350 Plus
  • Supra Start 100
  • Supra Start 200
  • Supra Grow Complete
  • Grower Meal
  • Developer
  • Finisher
  • Natural Pig Grower
  • Supra Grower 100
  • Swine Amino 100
  • Gro/Fin 55-45 Phytase
  • Gro Booster 100
  • Gro/Fin 50-40 Phytase
  • Forta Push 40-06 Phytase
  • Boar Ration
  • Gestation Ration
  • Lacatation Ration
  • Supra Sow 100
  • Sow 98 w/ SE-Yeast & MA
  • Boar Plus
  • Replacement Gilt Micro-Boost
  • FarrowPac

Click here to read about each of these products, and then order yours by contacting J & C Feed & Farm Supply– an official Lowe’s Dealer. 

Kent® NutriVantage for Swine

NutriVantage for swine contains a blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals in a nutritional supplement that may impact performance at every stage and phase of production.

UltraCare® 100 is a complex, complete pre-starter feed.

Available in small pellet form for pigs from 6 to 10 lbs., it has a specialized coating with intake-enhancing technology that helps entice pigs to eat after weaning.

Central Farm Supply®
Hog Feeder

Heavy-gauge steel is extra thick in the trough and feed doors.

The deep trough has a feed-saver lip to conserve feed.

The feed doors are specially designed to keep out moisture and pests, but can easily be wired open for starting pigs.

The top door flips open from the back for easy loading from the rear or outside the pen. Slots in back side for mounting on wall or rail.

Already fully assembled.

24.25 inch long by 19.75 inch wide by 35.75 inch high.

100-lb. capacity.

Kent® NexGen® HP 8-13 Complete D35 Medicated

Starter Feed for Piglets. 

Kent® NexGen® BG 12-17 Complete M50 Medicated

The next level of starter/grower feed for piglets.

Kent® NexGen® 25-40 Complete D35 Medicated

Grower Feed for Young Pigs.

SunGlo® Prestarter Mix Medicated

PreStarter is designed to encourage feed intake in baby pigs post-weaning, but we recommend starting babies while they’re still on the sow prior to weaning.

It contains plasma, lactose and milk proteins at levels needed by young pigs immediately post-weaning.

It can also be used as a creep feed when milk supply is limited.

J & C Feed & Farm Supply® 14% Hog

A high-quality 14% protein hog feed.

J & C Feed & Farm Supply® 12% All Stock

The perfect feed solution for mixed herds. 

This is a 12% protein mix of corn, oats, and molasses. 

Safe to feed to cattle, equine, goats, sheep (there’s no added copper), swine, or poultry. 

J & C Feed & Farm Supply® Cracked Corn

While whole corn yields excellent results on its own, cracked corn is more easily digested by hogs (and other animals) and increases digestibility by 5-10%. 

J & C Feed & Farm Supply® Shelled Corn

While whole corn yields excellent results on its own, shelled corn is more easily digested by hogs (and other animals) and increases digestibility by 5-10%. 

J & C Feed & Farm Supply® Soybean Meal

Mix with other feed ingredients for your own custom blended swine feed. 

Safe-Guard® EZ Scoop Dewormer for Hogs

Protect your swine against lungworms, gastrointestinal worms, roundworms, nodular worms, whip worms and kidney worms with Safe-guard® EZ Scoop® 1.8% Swine Dewormer.

This quality dewormer will help your swine stay healthy, encourage higher weight gains and higher conception rates.

This 10-lb. pail will deworm 20,000 lbs. of pork.

Includes measuring scoop.

Active Ingredient: Fenbendazole: 1.8% (8.172 grams/lb.)